Thursday, August 31, 2006

From the crash

It's funny how I keep flipping through my blog photos trying to find some of my favorites that are missing. I realized that I posted my purple cone flowers, sunflowers, and feather rose before my big blog crash but didn't go that next step of putting them back on again. I guess I'll do that now. I like the idea of getting some of my favorite shots of my garden in one spot which I have never done with my computer files. Such a relief to hear my daughter sounding so good today and know she's already feeling up to getting reading assignments from her classes. Someone mentioned that if she has to miss a week of classes, it's better that it's the first week as opposed to the last week. I don't remember who said that but they are absolutely right. Also a huge relief to have my oncology appointment out of the way and to have a plan. I'll be so glad to get the lump off my back and I'm glad my oncologist is who is going to do it. I'm not crazy about getting a PET/CT scan to decide about the groin but I understand why he wants to do that. So things are moving along. I hope the evaluation at the pain clinic tomorrow goes well. I think that may make the biggest difference in the way I feel of anything. If I have a good pain management plan with some flexibility that includes conventional and alternative methods, hopefully I'll start to be able to function without so many medications. That would make a huge difference to me. I used to have a fantasy about hiking from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian trail. Maybe my new fantasy will be to hike from the mountains to the sea on the currently being finished Mountains to Sea trail in my home state of NC. That's a pretty fair trekk. It's a 900 plus mile trail so not exactly a whimpy goal. Still, more manageable that hiking from Georgia to Maine.

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Heather said...

Hey Carver,

I read all your blog entries! If I haven't been able to catch up in a couple of days I just scroll down to the last one I read and go from there...

I'm glad your daughter is doing better, what a scare!

One thing I've noticed in dealing with all the different doctors is that sometimes things seem to move so slowly, like trying to run through molasses, or like in one of those dreams where you're trying to run, but your feet won't move.

I know how relieved you'll be to have the lump removed from your back and the PET/CT sonds like a good idea... looks like you're all covered, even if it does mean more waiting.

Know that I'm pulling for you here.