Monday, August 21, 2006

No news is no news and I'm feeling witchy

NO NEWS and I'm feeling very witchy. Saw my daughter off at the airport and she's fine. She doesn't borrow trouble. As my mother would say, you pay a high rate of interest on borrowed trouble. My daughter is better about remembering that than I am. This picture is from halloween of 1990. I made my daughter the dorothy costume. Unfortunately I also cut her bangs. Her Dad asked me to please never try that again. When she was little she would decide on both of our halloween costumes. The year before the one pictured here, I was Cinderella and she was my fairy godmother. If I do say so myself we were cute as bugs in rugs. This picture shows me looking how I'm currently feeling.

I am disappointed not to have heard anything as the PCP gave me the impression she'd call me fairly early Monday morning but it may not be her fault. Even if it is, I understand doctors have to prioritize in terms of the unexpected. My anxiety may pale in comparison to any number of emergency situations. Also, since I didn't leave the MRI room until after 5:00 pm on Friday, the radiologist may not have the report done. What concerns me the most is my new PCP wanted to try to talk to my ONC today since he was in surgery Friday and I do not want them playing telephone tag to effect how soon I find out if anything showed up on the MRI. Patience is not one of my virtues. Until today I thought I was better and learning patience but I'm not handling the wait as well as I have with other scans. Worse comes to worse, I'll go to medical records at the hospital tomorrow and ask for a copy of the reports. I don't want to have to do that but I will.

Not a good picture but the one of my daughter on the train in 2001 when we were going from Ulm, Germany on our way to Paris for the weekend is a favorite of mine. It captures something that makes me smile. JF was doing a student exchange between a high school in Ulm and hers in Raleigh and I rather spontaneously decided to fly over for a long weekend and take her to Paris. It seemed like a great mother/daughter outing. I hadn't been to Europe since 1974 when I went with my family for the summer when my Dad was studying in Canterbury. My daughter was studying French and German and the exchange didn't include any travel to France so I decided I should pop over and take her to France. My original idea was the French countryside in search of a chocalatier since we both loved the movie Chocalate. My daughter wanted to go to Paris. I enjoyed Paris when I went with my family in the 1970s so I said sure why not, we can find a chocalatier in Paris. We had a blast. Although this isn't a great picture it makes me think of that trip and I can hear my daughter saying, mom let me do the talking, I know you studied French a long time ago but if you try to speak French everyone will switch to english.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for no news Carver, lets hope no news is good news :-)

Like the witchy picture, your right your both as cute as bugs in a rug.
It will be okay, JSS......
jane say so :-)