Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Riot in the Garden

These photograph make me laugh. Total choas. Almost too outrageous even for me. What happened was the pink and white amaryllis was a christmas present in a pot and I planted it that spring. It did great and even set out new babies and spread. Then someone gave me a red amaryllis for a gift in a pot and what did I do? I added it in the area where the pink and white one was because it seemed just the thing to do at the top flat part of the hill above, what, why above the corn row of course. Did I mention that beside the top flat part is a garden swingset, boxes built around my daughter's old swingset giving me more protected spots for winter gardening. Then the corriopsis seeded in there from somewhere else and the fox gloves that were a good ways back also seeded in that area and before I knew it, I had a garden area built around gifts and a sense of the absurd with just the right amount of riot to my taste. I was doing better with the lymph build-up in my foot until today. I may have worked too long without a break and I haven't walked since Monday. I have to walk tomorrow. It's a drag because the lymph is still built up some in my pelvis and it's not as much fun to walk but if I don't walk it's now building up in my foot. That's the one place it didn't build up in until recently and I think the fact that I was walking no matter how I felt, even when I was limping around the block, is what kept me from the full lymphedema. Apparently if I stop walking it builds up in my foot and that won't do if I can help it. Hopefully it will all get sorted out soon. I was getting pretty discouraged but I'm better although somewhat fatalistic. This too shall pass but what next?

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