Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oncology appointment and such

Getting geared up for my oncology appointment which I hope goes well on all fronts. I hope the rapport I have always had with my doctor hasn't been compromised by my pushing. I know I have every right to push and try to manage my own care because it's not like anyone else is going to do it. In spite of the fact that the cancer clinic I go to makes a point of saying, in their literature, that they assign each patient a primary physician and that they take the team approach regarding all aspects of your care, not just your cancer care, it's not like that in reality. Part of it is I only go to my oncologist at that center. My neurologist, dermatologist, and pain doc are in Raleigh which is easier for me than having an hour's drive for all of my doctor's appointments. I think, however, if all my doctors were at the research hospital where my oncologist is, the communication between doctors would be better. Actually, communication is nonexistent except between my dermatologist and oncologist. Those two do pass reports back and forth. I don't want to change neurologists because he is the most thorough doctor I have but having him be a private practice doctor, removed from the cancer clinic I go to may be an issue. I am hugely relieved that my daughter is okay. That is, as always, the big thing for me but I'm also aware I won't be any help to her if I don't take care of myself. It's funny the photographs that appeal to me. Sometimes I post funky ones that aren't anywhere near as good from a photographic standpoint as others I could include on my blog. The reason I select some is because they have a back story but unless I tell the story they're silly looking. It's not like I expect anyone to actually read through all of these entries anyway. The main thing from the stand point of sharing with others is the photograph but I appreciate the comments I have gotten from friends and family who have been here. One unusual source of friends I've had with my melanoma ordeal are the ones I've met through the MPIP. I am amazed that at my age I would participate in a BB, something I never understood when my daughter did it, and that I would meet so many intelligent, supportive, kind people. I have a great family and am lucky in terms of some old friends I've always been able to count on, including an amazing neighbor who has been great to me when I'm under the weather. I don't know how to express what the MPIP crew has meant to me. It's partly having a network of friends who have been through similar experiences to mine, in terms of having melanoma, but it's also meeting a diverse and interesting group of people who are so giving. I hope I can make it to one of the MPIP gatherings. I've already met two people from that sight in person. I guess I better collect myself and point my car towards Chapel Hill.

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