Thursday, August 31, 2006

One down

I like some of these fuzzy photos that end up looking a little bit like paintings. The irony is all of the paint like ones I took were with an inferior digital camera with low resolution settings. Made it through my oncology appointment and have added to the plan. I'm getting a full body PET/CT scan next week and on September 19 he will excise the lump off my back. It's an out patient, local anesthetic surgery. No biggie. He'll decide about the groin after the PET/CT scan. So the appointments are lining up like little toys on a tight rope. Tomorrow pain clinic; Next week is PET/CT scan, P.T. outpatient clinic, and gyn/yob, oh my. Then a one and 1/2 week break before the excision to get the monkey off my back. I'll roll with the punches if my daughter can recover from her appendectomy without further mishaps.

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