Friday, September 01, 2006

flowers, pain clinic, and such

I ued to take pictures of the flowers, growing in my garden, after I picked them, and after I dried them. My fireplace arrangements with dried flowers were Martha Stewart run amuck. Many aspects of my home are Martha Stewart run amuck. Picture a messy Martha throwing buckets of dried flowers in her fireplace with dusty craft projects hither, thither and you have an idea of what it is like at my house during the best of times. I managed to get through the pain clinic evalutation without becoming visibly upset. I wasn't that upset even invisibly. I'm lowering my expectations. The bottom line is when the doctor saw who my current pain specialist was he thought I was there for a second opinion. He said my current doctor is very good. Well, I wasn't there for a second opinion. I think Dr. Pain is very good for some people but I think I could find a better situation for me. What's a person in pain gonna do, take what she can get. It's not that bad. The doctor doing the evaluation did have some good suggestions that haven't been tried and he's sending my PCP a report and I'll get her to send my current pain doc a report and go from there. The other suggestion the evaluator had was that I go to a rheumatologist on the off chance that I have lupus. Oh boy, another doc. Just what I need. Sometimes I think if I'd go to these appointments and tell these doctors what they want to hear I'd get further. The doc I saw today said he had originally had some ideas based on the scans for doing an epidural block in the lumbar, since I do have a significant bulge that could cause pain. However, with my diffuse pain, he doubts it would help. I don't have diffuse pain. I have 3 issues all the time, and a fourth one some of the time. But the minute they see issues in different places that aren't connected they think diffuse. Can't they understand that I could have more than one cause of pain. At least this doctor agreed with me that I don't have fibromyalgia. However, the bottom line is he felt like I already had a good pain doc and no point in changing. Gee thanks. Do I get a vote. I'm not going to let it get to me. Perhaps, Dr. Pain will be ammenable to changes based on the recommendations from the pain clinic. The problem is that he didn't know I was going to a pain clinic. I did that through my PCP in hopes of finding a better pain management situation for me but it felt like I'd run inot the young boys (docs) club. I know it's not the silly way I'm making it sound. I'm sure all of these physicians mean well and do their best. I can't help but feel like I need someone going a little outside the box but not much I can do about it. So, onward and forward as the chliche goes.

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