Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sunflower Slice and Melanoma Support Runners

Let's see if I can crash my sight the first day it's back up and running after the big crash last night. I have a theory about why that happened and I don't think a few more entries will make a difference as to whether my new effort continues or crashes. I am so excited about Carole et al's Melanoma Support Runners. Perhaps a good goal for me is to try to be one of the walkers in one of the runs in the next year or so. If I could time it for when they are in a city where one of my siblings live, I could try to combine a family visit with being involved with one of the melanoma support runners events. It would probably need to be one that was a relatively short distance. I don't see a 1/2 marathon in my forseeable future but who knows. What a great way to raise money to support melanoma patients in need.

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