Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce

I remember picking this lettuce during the summer of 1999. To be honest I only know it was 1999 because the photo disc says so. It was going to be too hot for the lettuce soon so every morning I picked bags full for friends and neighbors. I ate a lot myself but there is such a thing as too much lettuce. I washed it and spread it out on a beach towel. I picked an extra large amount because I had to go by my office and thought I would take lettuce to some of the people I worked with. Once I spread it out on the towel to dry I thought to myself, that's pretty enough to take a picture of. Crazy thing to photograph. A big pile of lettuce. Now I'm inspired. This weekend I'll plant my garden boxes with lettuce. This is the perfect time. The seeds will germinate fast as warm as it is and hopefully it will cool down soon and be perfect lettuce weather. I think I'll plant spinash and radishes, maybe broccoli and kale. My I'm getting ambitious just writing about it. Beats the hell out of what I have been preoccupied with lately.

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