Saturday, March 30, 2013

Today's Flowers and Weekend Flowers: March Ends

I'm going to start with some recent blooms in my yard.
So far only one blooms has opened on this variety of narcissus.
I hope more of these will start blooming soon.
Some of my azaleas which are fairly sheltered have visible buds. As I've mentioned in other posts it's too early for azaleas to bloom as we still have temperatures dropping below freezing at night.
My neighbors forsythia which branches over into my yard is a delight.
I was at a doctor's office when I spotted these pansies.
I like the way there are different colors.
At the same office building I also spotted some camellia buds which will probably start opening before too long.
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Photohunters: Something Green and Wind

I decided to use some old summer shots of my backyard to show wind and something green. The green building is my storage building and it adjoins my greenhouse which I haven't used in years.
I think you can tell that the wind was blowing in these shots and my backyard was definitely green. At the moment it's still more brown than green which is why I used summer shots.
I have a lot of wind chimes hanging on my deck. I'm shooting through my bedroom deck door in the shot below.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nature Notes: March flies away

Hard to believe that March is drawing to an end.
Today, I was relieved that it only rained during the day when the temperature was above freezing.
Tonight it will drop below freezing but we had partial clearing in the late afternoon.
The bird baths still freeze during some nights but it's been getting above freezing during the day.
The american robins are definitely in spring mode.
We've been having a lot of interesting skies.
I watched a pair of mourning doves walking around in opposite directions but then they would glance back.
It was as if they wanted to keep their distance but at the same time not stray too far from each other.
One of them was concentrating on the cracks in my driveway for some reason.
I always enjoy my redbud trees in the spring.
I keep thinking I'm repeating myself but I think the reason is I did a similar post on my other blog for our world Tuesday.
The brown thrashers have become busy.
I have taken so many American Robin shots it's been hard to decide which to use for this post.
I think the blossoms on the tree below almost look like snow.
I always see a lot of cardinals. They are the state bird of NC.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today's Flowers and Weekend Flowers: Lots of blooms

There is a lot going on in my neck of the woods.
We're still having some very cold nights so some of the flowers are short lived. Some of the camellias were lost during snow when they bloomed much too early but others are opening up now.
My redbud trees are beginning to bloom.
I like their tiny blooms on the trees.
Below is a closer look at the redbud tree flowers.
The Narcissus below is one of my favorites of the varieties I have in my yard.
I can't ever remember the name of the flowers below. I planted the bulbs for these decades ago and they come up every spring.
I think the camellias are pretty on the ground where they were blown off the bushes during a cold windy night.
I have several varieties of periwinkle.
They are one of my front yard ground covers.
Another shot of some of my Narcissus.
I've been going out each morning when there is a hard frost to see what is fairing well.
I love this time of the year.
My white camellias aren't blooming which is good in a way because they'll last longer once they do bloom if they don't have to contend with the cold nights. The pink and red camellias are in my neighbors yard close to me so I enjoy them from my yard and windows. All the other flowers in this post are in my yard.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Photohunters: What Makes You Happy and Flow

Watching water flow in the mountains is one thing that makes me happy.
In the first shot I was happy watching the water flow at Linville Falls in the North Carolina mountains. In the second shot I was happy watching the water flow at Babcock State Park in the West Virginia mountains.
In the shot above I think the fisherman was smart to be wearing an orange slicker so if he slipped and flowed down the river, he'd make rescuers happy since he'd be easy to spot. For the What Makes You Happy Photohunt click here and for the Flow Photohunt click here.