Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Twenty more hours to go but progress

Very frustrating to be told that I would find about about the MRI results on Monday and then not hear but shit happens, as someone eloquently put it. Not me. I'm rarely that eloquent. Zoom forward to today. This time I called the PCP and left a message that not only was I waiting to hear about the MRI but that I had pain issues. I love that word, issues. Has such an all encompassing reach. An issue can be a finger nail that's broken. Since I generally get my manicures with my teeth that is a minor issue. The short story is they don't have the MRI report, the doctor isn't in the office today, the nurse set me up to see her tomorrow at 9:00 am by which time they will have the MRI results. Sooooo twenty more hours to go. I have enough meds to deal short terms so hopefully it will get sorted out.

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Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness for something specific, huh? A time! At least that's a specific start!

Wow, waiting IS irritating--waiting when you are not sure what you are waiting for is waaaay irritating.

I'm so happy you have an appointment and wish you the magic wand wave of making time fly today, flying fast over pain issues.

Good luck tomorrow, Carver!