Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summer heat grows old

I am so tired of hot weather I could scream but I am all too aware of how ungreatful I am. I have an air conditioned house and an air conditioned car. Only a small percentage of people in the world have ever made a telephone call. I'm pretty sure I have that right. I can't remember the stat but it was staggering. I bet the number of people who live with hotter days than I do without air conditioning would astound me. When I was a child we had an attic fan and big oak trees surrounding the house but no A.C. until I was older. Not sure when but I remember first getting a unit A.C. in our kitchen and eventually central air. Since I ended up in my home town it was probably similar weather to what it is now but it didn't seem as hot. I'm so conditioned to comfort that it's hard to imagine going back although the total dependence on artificial climates can't be good for the environment. I love the few weeks on the opposite ends of summer when I can open the windows and don't need anything but the wind. We lost power in an ice storm in 2003 for 10 days. Some people got their power back sooner but I toughed it out at home, not wanting to leave my new bathroom. I kid thee not, I wanted to keep the water dripping because I was in the middle of a bathroom remodeling project so I stayed home while my daughter bailed and stayed with friends who had their power back. I got a little nutty here with the house temperature around 30 degrees farenheit except in my den/office which I kept a little warmer with the fire place. My bathroom contractor brough me a kerosene heater at one point too. It's staggering to think about the fact that most people don't live in houses with central heat and A.C. I'll have to dig up those stats and refresh my memory. Once I start thinking about something like that it drives me nuts until I find the answers but I can't remember the answers once I find them so why do I bother? Sort of like that with all my melanoma research. I remember broad strokes but half of what I read I forget before I finish reading it. I also glass over when it gets too technical. That's why it's such a joke that I try to manage my care. I'll never retain the details. I retain some of them but what I glass over about is probably the important part. I do feel better now that I have a PCP I like. I never got over my family doctor retiring. Half the time I didn't have to even go see him. I could call and talk to him over the phone and he'd call in my antibiotic script which was the main reason I needed a doc when I was in my twenties. I smoked and had chronic bronchitus frequently back then. After my family doctor retired I didn't need a doctor except for my gynecologist, for the most part, but it's been a problem for me not having a PCP this past year. No one has coordinated the various specialities for me and try as I might to do it myself, I feel like I spin wheelies. The old LP keeps whirring round and round in my head with a corny song I can't recall.

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