Friday, August 25, 2006

Laughing at Links and my Life in General

Hopefully by this fall I'll be rehabed enough to rake up a big leaf pile to fall back into. I love leaves. If I injure myself falling back into the leaves, I'm all set. I got my first appointment coming up in two weeks at a rehab clinic to work on back, lymphedema and balance. Next week is oncology and pain clinic. My annual gyno physical is the day after my rehab appointment. That had me mildly amused as I glanced at my appointment book but what got me hysterical was looking at my links. I have so many pages bookmarked that I can't ever find anything. I have a bunch of folders to organize the links but the more folders I add the more confused I get. My bright idea was to start putting a hodge podge of links on my blog. That way I'd have one long link list of fun and not fun sites which would include ones I wanted to be able to go to easily for phone numbers or to refresh my memory about what they say they do. So today after I found out I got into the rehab and pain clinics I added their websites to my list. What got me hysterical was the way my blog's link list has expaned to be as unmanageable as any of my other booksmarks. I have firefox bookmarks and AOL favorite places and now I have my blog's hodge podge. Sort of like my computer and paper files. With paper ones I have a file cabinet in my office/den and then another in my bedroom where I usually pay bills. I never can remember which file cabinet houses which files. My computer files are beyond bad. My work folders are fine because they mirror the work network. My personal ones are ridiculous. I wonder what it would take to get me organized. In my own way I am organized. I'm so paranoid about how flaky I am that I have tons of reminders and notes. You know, the kind of notes that say: don't forget to not forget what you've forgotten what is, or something like that.

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