Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Daughter and tomorrow

I started to work pretty much straight from waking up and then was going to write a short blog entry. Mostly wanted to blog because posting my garden photos gets me looking back through my garden and is a boost in an odd way. At the moment, my garden is in late summer mode and not as fresh as it could be but my photos stay fresh indefinitely. I also had my oncology appointment on my mind. That's tomorrow. Everything else was driven from my mind when I got a call from JF's school to let me know she was back in the hospital. I talked to her and she sounded good. Not much to say yet as the doctors are sorting it out. It's probably a reaction to all the post appendectomy meds she's been taking, often on an empty stomach because she doesn't feel like eating. However, with the PFO they have to be extra careful, as well they should be. She was going to let me know once she knows more and I've made sure the people at her school know to give us the word and we'll be there in a shot. She told me not to come yet. I may get BF to go anyway and wait until after my oncology and pain appointments to join him and JF, if we need to be there. I wish I could get her home but she says she doesn't feel well enough to travel and it's better for her to finish up the recovery at school and go to classes after that. She mentioned that the ER doctors said she may have had a mini stroke and I was relieved to hear that isn't even like a minor stroke but is something people sometimes have and don't even know they are having them. In her case though I still suspect the dizziness and fainting are more likely from taking pain meds on an empty stomach when she's not used to taking pain meds. She's one of those people that rarely even takes a tylenol. If I'm not blogging for a few days it may mean my mommy radar goes into overdrive and flies me to Maryland for a few days. I think that's unlikely given the information I have so far. My daughter said not to come yet and I do need to try and go to my oncology and pain clinic appointments unless I can be of any actual use to her.

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