Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm ready for winter

I think I wrote about my desire for winter on the sight that crashed, or rather our lack of a well defined winter this year. For quite a few years it looked like my part of NC was having longer winters, and more snow, until last year. nada. I missed it. I like 4 seasons. In general I like change. That works out well where I live, some of the time, although our summers are a little long for my taste. We have always had overlap in seasons and weird weather. Sometimes it snows easter and on the other hand, sometimes I can go out for my paper barefoot on Christmas day. As a rule we have at least a spell of each season. I think we had a couple of nights in the single digits this winter which is pretty unusual for here but we didn't have a stretch of days and nights staying below freezing and we didn't get any snow accumulation. I'm ready to begin again. I want to go straight into fall and then have a longer than usual winter, followed by a spring that brings me alive. Then a short summer for a change. It could happen. Anything is possible when it comes to North Carolina weather.

We didn't have a lot of snow in 2005 but we did have snow mid March. On my way with HB to get the results from my SNB it was another of our wild thymes. She had green beads for us to wear in honor of St. Patrick's day and on the way to Chapel Hill it started snowing. I remember the patient counselor checking on me while I waited on my doctor. I felt pretty bad which was obvious but she said, at least you felt up to the green knecklace for St. Patrick's day. I explained about my friend. She felt up to thinking of beads for both of us on St. Patrick's day.

We had a wonderful spring in 2005. In spite of the ongoing issue with drainage and the continuing need for me to have a drain in the groin area, on and off, for NINE WEEKS; I enjoyed that spring. I built up to longer and longer walks and I even planted a scaled down garden. I enjoyed myself in general. That was before I went on my melanoma research binge. I did some writing not connected to me and my melanoma. I was pushing for a full recovery and intended to put melanoma behind me. That was sort of my honeymooon period after my dx, in spite of issues with too much lymph fluid. I had all sorts of plans and was at a good place mentally. Ah, to get back there or at least to find that new normal I keep seeking, whatever that might be.

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