Monday, August 21, 2006

Me and my daughter

My daughter is playing piano for one last time during this summer vacation. Nice hearing her playing pieces from Les Miserables in the background. Takes the edge off waiting for MRI results. She is off to school soon for her last semester of college and we took a few photos this morning. Although slightly blurry, for some reason this one is my favorite.

The painting of the girl over the lamp is one my father did from a old black and white photograph of my mother as a child and I always loved it. They didn't know each other as children but that's remained my favorite portrait of her. He captured something in it that is more like her than any other photo or painting. Glad I ended up with it in my house. Well Not too much to say as I'm in the throes of anxiously waiting for the doc to call. I hate that. Guess I'll start thinking about something J and I can have for lunch soon.


Anonymous said...


I'm as anxious as a friend can be, waiting, with you, for you to post WHAT they will advise you about your MRI.

I don't wear my reading glasses while viewing MPIP and emails and such. The photo of you and your daughter is small to my eye--and the resemblance between you two is absolutely amazing! Same expression in your smiles, such similarities! I had to blow it up, but there is NO denying you are mother and daughter. A lovely, lovely photo (as are all in your collection).

I'm obsessively checking....just thought you should know. ;~)


Jackie said...

Carver, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. Pain is a terrible, terrible thing... and to add the anxiety of "NOT KNOWING" to it all, it's practically unbearable. I know you're strong, but for HEAVEN'S SAKE... you need a break!

BTW, your photos are BEAUTIFUL! I enjoy them so much.

Your friend