Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ah time, time, time where does it go

So cliche to talk about time a fleeing but it surely does. My daughter is finishing up some last minute packing for school. She is going back early because she's working part time at the front desk at one of the dorms. Not a bad job, usually she can sit and read while she works.
I'm a little anxious about tomorrow. I so hope that I don't need to go for any appointments that interfere with taking my daughter to the airport. Of course more than that I don't want bad or uncertain news. I do want to hear something about Friday's MRI's early. Otherwise I will be even more anxious.

I hope I feel like a walk in the morning. I spend too much time inside and it would be nice to go for a walk. I doubt JF will be up early enough to go with me but it could happen. Particularly if I walk loudly past her bedroom. Just kidding, sort of. Here I am at command central where this picture was taken today. I spend way too much time at my computer. I hope I can get moving soon. I feel like it will take a wheel barrow to cart me around if I keep going at this rate. It's not about the weight. I see people running all the time who are bigger than I am although my frame wasn't made to carry this much weight. It's about the fact that I am so much less active and feel like I'm weighted down. Yep this is a complaining moment and it too shall pass.

My daughter and I played some funny games for old times sake today. Scattegories and passport. Passport is a game where you fly around the world and answer questions on different continents. Pretty funny because both games were easy even when my daughter was in elementary school. Now that she's at her last semester of college it's just plain silly. About my speed though. My mental focus gets worse and worse. I hear my name being called so I guess I'll end here. Don't think I was going anywhere good with it anyway.

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