Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Waiting is no fun

I am sick of waiting but I understand these nurses and doctors have to prioritize. No matter what did and didn't show up on my PET/CT scan, my knowing about it isn't a top priority. I am coming in anyway on September 19 to get the lump off my back. I will be so glad to get at least that particular monkey off my back. I wouldn't mind so much that the NP didn't call back if I thought they didn't know anything yet. I know that my doctor and the NP can look on their computers at the slides as soon as they are done and that they get the radiologist's report by the same day or early the next. I waited 5 days to call so I know that they have the report. I'm not even comforted by the thought that they would have called if something showed up. That's not how it works. Normally I have an appointment right after a scan (within a few days). When I don't and I call the NP, sometimes it takes longer not less time for me to hear back if there is an issue. As my mother always said, you pay a high rate of interest on borrowed trouble. I am trying very hard not to borrow trouble.

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