Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monkey off my back

I feel like I have a monkey off my back literally and figuratively. I had an excision today of a "supposed lipoma" which was in the soft tissue on the mid part of my back. After it was removed, my surgical oncologist said that "with the naked eye, it looked like a run of the mill lipoma". Although I'll have to wait a while on the official pathology, that's good enough for me. My doctor is very experienced with melanoma and I will be shocked if this doesn't come back benign. After my doctor left, the other doctor finished up and I asked him if the lipoma could have been causing the additional pain I've had lately which I've associated with the new thing I felt on my back. I found the lump because I felt along my spine trying to figure out why I felt more pain. The doctor said that the lipoma wasn't wrapped around a nerve but that it was near a nerve bed and it was possible that when I moved it irritated the nerves. That makes sense in general since all along lying down has been the one way I can get comfortable so perhaps as this thing was growing it was annoying the nerves more and more. So that's one monkey off my back.

Number 2 was when I got home I had a message to call someone from from the rheumatologist's office. Turns out that my vitamin D levels are below the normal range and I am to start taking prescription strength vitamin D. How do you like that. A totally benign explanation for all the increasing bone pain I've had on the same day I get an explanation for some of the nerve pain. The rest of the lab work from the rheumatologist is still being done but that was so amazing to get that news right off the bat.

I took some photographs yesterday that I wanted to post of one of my favorite fall flowers. Tiny white daisy like flowers on a woody plant that is all over the place. I can't think of the name of the plant but I let it self seed and it comes up in dense almost bush like structures and starts blooming this time of year. Blogger isn't letting me upload a photo. I'll try one more time and then give up as I'm pretty wiped and may even shut down my computer since I'm taking the day off work.

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