Saturday, September 23, 2006

Back to the one who got away

The one who got away this time was a cardinal. I quietly followed Mrs. cardinal from a distance, trying to capture her with my camera. Alas, I need a telephoto lens that allows me to be just a little bit farther away. My new digital camera has a stronger telephoto lens than my old camera which I left on top of a mountain in May. Since my old camera was duck taped together it was no biggie to leave it on the mountain. Hopefully someone found it and took it so it wasn't litter. The place where I left it is in the area where the NC outward bound school is located in the western part of the state. I'm sure someone picked it up and either kept it or threw it away. My new camera has a built in telephoto lens and the option of adding on a stronger removable one but that's not in my budget for awhile. I have to buy a converter as well as any new lenses. I did manage to get my first fall leaves photo this morning. The pictures I've posted of my oak trees fall leaves are from several years ago. The photo in this entry of my dogwood leaves was taken this morning. The dogwoods are among the first to bloom in the spring and among the first whose leaves change colors in the fall. The oak leaves are still very green and lush. I can't wait for them to start changing. However, my hope is that I'll be stronger by then so I can gather them up and shift the leaves to where they are needed for mulch. I also hope I'll be able to do some major chopping. My current lawnmower is rather labor intensive when I use it to chop leaves or even to mow for that matter. I used to have a gas powered mower but when it stopped working I decided to go for a manual one. At least 90 percent of what used to be lawn is now garden, or at least a wild life habitat to put the mess I have at the moment in a kind light. I don't like the noise of my old gas mower or the hassle of maintaining it. However, at the time I bought a manual mower, I was in great physical condition. At the moment I not able to do much with it at all. This too shall change.

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