Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cardinal posing for me

Apparently if I settle for photographing the birds through my bedroom door, they will pose for me. That's how I managed to get photographs of a baby bird. I got photographs of a mocking bird through my den door which also looks out on the deck, as my bedroom door does. The ones I took of the gold finch were through my kitchen door which faces the driveway; I have puple cone flowers (echanasia) on the other side of the driveway which lures the finches and butterflies. The humming birds like lantana but so far they are too fast for me to photograph. This group of pictures I took this morning of the cardinal worked out pretty well considering how fast he was moving. I need to clean the panes on all of my doors. I think about that everytime I photograph the birds because I can only use one or two panes as my window out since most of them have spots. My what lovely subjects I bring up on my blog. I could keep my dirty window panes to myself. I am so excited about tomorrow. I can't wait to find out that my lipoma was just that, a lipoma. Not melanoma, not liposarcoma, not any other nasty. Just an irritating lipoma that sprung up quickly and irritated nerves. I can't get over how much better I feel now that it's off. It's not like it has solved all of my problems but it has taken care of one of the newer issues. I suspect the vitamin D suppliments will take care of the other new issue which was bone pain. Then I can go back to the chronic junk I'm okay with. What bugged me so bad was that I had finally gained an equilibrium after almost a year from when the chronic pain and neuropathy symptoms began. I could live with that and had a pretty good perspective about it. What was hard for me was when a few months ago new sypmtoms began. We are supposed to watch out for new symtoms. The we could apply to everyone but specifically for a melanoma survivor. I know I was a broken record about fearing that a new problem would be lost in a sea of symptoms but I think that is a real concern. The goal with chronic pain is to stop listening to your body. Turn it off and get on with it. I did a pretty good job of that for a while. The problem was that when new problems began I needed to start listening to my body again. Hopefully now that the lump is off my back and the vitamin deficiency explains the balance issues and bone pain I can regain my equilibrium. It would be nice if the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, lymphedema, and some of the ongoing nerve pain could get better but I'm not going to whine about that. It is what it is and I can live with it. I am so incredibly fortunate in so many ways and I intend to remember that.

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