Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Messy it is . . .

Made it through my PET/CT scan today without any mishaps although I was surprised that I literally couldn't sit up on my own at the end. With other scans I've been bothered by how unsteady I was. I even built up a guess that they saw something after one PET scan based on the technician helping me up and being solicitous. This time, no one rushed to help me but I had to wait on them to sit up because I couldn't do it on my own after lying there that long in one position. Oh well, it's a fairly small thing but it registered on my personal radar. I have been filling out a bunch of forms which the outpatient rehab clinic I'm going to tomorrow sent me. It is very messy. I have terrible handwriting and there isn't enough room to do a good job of providing the information they need but I'm sticking with the format they have and am going to give them the benefit of my messy handwriting. I'm sick and tired of going to the bother of printing out neat forms with attachments containing the facts in an easy to read format only to have the people I give them to seem taken aback, as if I'm somehow obsessive. That's not fair because most of my doctors have seemed fine with that technique but it hasn't worked well with the pain docs. So the rehab clinic will get incomplete information and it will be in my impossible to read handwriting. Maybe that will go over better and make me seem less obsessive. I never have figured out why providing complete information seems obsessive and to be fair only one doctor (my pain doc) ever said it was. The other doctors have seemed appreciative and have been nice about it. The pain clinic last week though burned me again about trying to be helpful when the doctor made a comment about my copious materials or something like that. What made me decide to stop trying though was when he said that he had originally thought he might do an epidural since the disc bulge could be painful but that after seeing that I had diffuse pain he didn't think it would help. I DO NOT HAVE DIFFUSE PAIN. I HAVE THREE problems all the time and a FOURTH some of the time. The whole point in supplying all that information was to be sure he got it. He didn't get it. All he got was that I gave him a whole lot of information that he didn't have time to read or that's my take on it. I give up. I'm not going to be able to keep trying to help the people that are trying to help me. Either they can figure it out or they can't but it's too frustrating for me to keep trying to make it easier to figure out.

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