Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Knocking them out this Week

This is another week of knocking out the health related appointments. Tomorrow is PET/CT scan, Thursday is outpatient clinics including P.T., lymphedema and such, and Friday is my annual physical with my gynecologist. I shouldn't complain. When I think of people in tough treatments (radiation, biochemo, chemo, immunotherapy) my irritating stuff is mostly irritating. Just the endless appointments to get to and through. Work is busy at the moment but I did some catch up this weekend. That's one of the advantages to working from home, it's easy for me to work most days for at least part of the day. I had fun yesterday with BF. We went to a recently completed, natural ecosystem at a lake with trails, and a restored mill house that actually works. Don't you love it, a recently completed natural ecosystem. Anyone else getting the irony here. They have to be very agressive not to let non natural habitats take over. I couldn't help but notice the bamboo springing up in the woods. I don't think bamboo is indiginous to the NC peidmont. I'm sure it will have to be pulled up soon. Probably someone living closeby has bamboo in their garden and voila, there it is at the woods by the lake. To have an ecosystem that duplicates what was in an area before all the foreign plants are introduced you pretty much have to have a team of gardeners keeping out unwanted volunteers. I'm sure that provides needed jobs for students and others. BF and I had fun going for a slow stroll through the woods and then we had lunch at the farmer's market on the way home. I guess I better get back to work. It was getting very tedious and since I started work almost straight from sleep this morning, I needed a break. My scan tomorrow will blow at least a half a day with the travel time as well as it taking a long time for both the PET and CT pictures not to mention the quiet time beforehand while the radioactive sugar courses through my veins. I'm being just the tinsiest weensiest bit dramatic about it.

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