Sunday, October 22, 2006

Paint Throwing

The largest oak tree in front of my house is always one of the last things to change colors so I've been anticipating the red umbrella daily as everything else has changed first. It's still barely noticeable unless I zoom in on the clusters of red leaves which are finally mixing in with the green. When I first glanced up I almost thought a bunch of cardinals were massed on a few branches but then I realized that the oak trees are finally joining the maples, dogwoods, virginia creeper and other increasing signs of fall. It's so funny to me how slight the changes are on my big oak unless I focus in on the few leaves that have changed. It's almost like someone dropped a little paint out of a plane and splattered it on a few leaves or some kind of cosmic paint thrower was having fun. Yesterday it was fun to get outside and snap pics of late flowers and changing oaks at home before Bill picked me up for a walk which was also pleasant. The trail we went to isn't far from my house but is one I haven't been on yet this fall. Everything was so colorful. Maybe one day this coming week I'll go back with my camera. I didn't take it on my Saturday walk since I was walking with my friend. Today is a cold, rainy Sunday which is also pleasant. I hope we have a wet winter this year. There's something so nourishing about rain and snow. I am not interested in sleet or ice but I would love a big fluffy snow this year. Later this week it's finally getting down into the 30s and I may see if my fireplace draws okay. The carolina jasmine and miniature fig vine have grown so much this summer that they have both reached the chimney cover. Not sure if that's the right word for it. It the thingy ma jiggie I had to have put on the chimney so the chimeny birds would stop nesting in my chimney. It has holes so it doesn't affect the smoke getting out. However if the jasmine and fig have covered it that may be a problem. The only way I could tell would be to get on a ladder so I could see if they have actually grown in such a way to create a real obstruction. My balance is dramatically improved now that I am taking the vitamin D supplements but climbing a ladder high enough to see what's going on with the chimney would be too ambitious. For that matter, dragging the ladder to the side of the house is beyond my current strength. The light bulb went off in my brain. When I open the chimney flue if I look up and see daylight then the vines probably aren't creating an obstruction. As dark and rainy as it is today, I guess I'll wait until there is some day light to see. The old brain is pretty slow these days but I can eventually, laboriously get there, given enough time. Tomorrow is my last physical therapy session and it's a pool one. After that, I'm going to try to work going to the YMCA pool into my routine. I pay membership dues for a Y with great facilities that I haven't used in over a year and a half. If the joining fee wasn't so high, I'd have done better to have dropped my membership. As it is, it made sense to hold on to my membership until I saw if I got better enough to use it again. When I was looking through the classes which are free for members, I found a few that might be good for me. They have two pool classes for active older adults with physical therapy needs and, or arthritis. One of the classes is for people with severe restrictions and one is for people with fewer restrictions. I'll have to ask my physical therapist tomorrow if she thinks I should try the one with severe or few restrictions. I guess I could call or email the person who teaches the classes and ask her, since they have an email and phone number for the instructor online. If I said, I'm a 49 year old woman who was active prior to a groin lymph node dissection in March of 2005 and I've had chronic pain and decreasing activity since then, she could probably tell me which of her classes to try first. It would probably be good for me to do something like that on a regular basis, in addition to walking.

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