Friday, October 06, 2006

Angels in Waiting

Ater mentioning the angels in waiting painting, by my Dad, in my previous entry, I decided to give scanning my print of it a shot. My scanner isn't big enough to get the entire print but it got most of it. The faces don't come through in this scan but if you look at the little girl on the top step, she's the one who has her finger up her nose. Since the print was to big for the scanner, I didn't get it in straight so the askew look is the scan not the painting. A group that raises money for people in need (F.I.G.S.) used a print of this painting for christmas cards they sold. My Dad was so amazed when he got a letter from a woman in France who saw his painting on a Christmas card she recieved and wanted to get in touch with the artist and let him know how much she like it. Here me break out into the song, "it's a small world after all". Okay, I'm getting silly.

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