Saturday, May 11, 2013

Today's and Weekend Flowers: May blooms

My red roses started blooming this week.
This variety of roses blooms early in the season but doesn't last very long into the summer most years.
My hydrangea bushes are beginning to form buds.
This variety of irises are always the first ones to bloom in my yard.
My camellias were drowned in recent pouring rain storms.
Most ended up on the ground.
A few are still hanging on.
I took the rest of the shots at work in the parking lot.
Flowers have a way of brightening up a city.
My mother loved yellow roses and they always make me think of her.
I used to have similar roses to both the yellow and pink ones but I lost mine a year or two ago. Besides the red ones which I posted I also have a peach variety that should bloom later in the season. Nice to see the yellow and pink ones at the office parking lot since I don't have them anymore.


Crafty Green Poet said...

what lovely flowers, such pretty colours.

Lea said...

Very pretty!
I love the close-up of the raindrops on the petals!
Have a wonderful week-end!
Lea's Menagerie

Karen said...

Lovely flowers and great shots, shame about the camellias.

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful Carver...

genie said...

These are so pretty. I, too, adore yellow roses. All of your captures are beautiful. I agree that flowers brighten up wherever they are. genie

Luna Miranda said...

love the deep red rose and the rain-kissed petals. fabulous shots.

Cezar and Léia said...

wow an enchanting garden!The white camellia is magnificent with those rain drops. Thanks for sharing this special post.
Happy Mother's Day dear Carver!

ZielonaMila said...

Fantastic post, beautiful flowers, I like such images:) I am greeting

Fra frø til blomst said...

Beautilful flowers and great shots!

MyMaracas said...

I just love the camellia shots, both the water drops and the petals on the ground - though I am sorry the rain shattered them.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wonderful variety....the rainy day fate of the camellias was something we were familiar with when we gardened in rainy Oregon. You are right about flowers brightening up urban areas...I love when there are flowers in a City!

DeniseinVA said...

Don't ask me why but your red rose reminds me of a red velvet gown I would love to have. Those petals look like velvet, I guess that's what I am saying. And your other flowers are gorgeous. Thanks Carver for indulging my little flight of fancy and for sharing these beautiful flowers :)