Monday, May 06, 2013

Nature Notes: Spring around my house

Spring this year has been pleasantly cool and mostly rainy.
All of my varieties of hostas seem happy in the wet environment.
 Honeysuckle is threatening to take over my back yard
The trees are all looking fresh and clean.
The cracks in my driveway are growing dandelions as well as other plants.
A morning dove was giving me a look that seemed to say go away.
The azaleas in my front yard dropped most of their flowers in the last hard rain.
The azalea wall that grows along the fence between my back yard and driveway still have a fair amount of flowers that have hung on.
The american robin was debating a bath.
The catbird didn't have to debate.
The dogwood blossoms make a pretty carpet.
The kolkwitzia obstructs a path in my back yard and blackberry vines trip me.
My pecan tree shades my deck swing.
A fairly common sky below these days.
I keep missing shots of birds on the head of St. Frances.
My red roses have started to bloom and I'm trying to remove the honeysuckle which threatens them.


Reader Wil said...

You've got a lovely, lively garden. Most houses here have small gardens as we are living in a densely populated country. City houses generally have no gardens at all.
I also have hostas in my back yard. But I have great difficulty in keeping the snails and slugs away.

Cezar and Léia said...

Such a wonderful refreshing feeling in these pictures!Amazing shots!

Leora said...

I love your top and bottom photos - the wet hosta and the lovely red rose.

The threatening sky is quite nice as well! Good drama.

Hootin Anni said...

Absolutely beautiful. Spring...a favorite time of year when everything wakes up from the dull doldrums of winter. Your images are super.

Karen said...

Gorgeous spring happenings at your place Carver!

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely azaleas and bathing birds, is it a morning dove or a mourning dove?

MyMaracas said...

What a beautifully exuberant, fresh-looking garden you have! And roses already. I'm envious. That first shot of the softly curving, misty green hosta and raindrops is gorgeous.

Rambling Woods said...

It does look all fresh and clean... My host as are coming up too and we have had some wonderful weather... Michelle

eileeninmd said...

Carver, you have a lovely yard. The azaleas are beautiful. And I always enjoy your variety of birds. Great post and photos.

Andrea said...

Oh i love that hosta shot. And your azaleas are spectacular, i guess they are mostly planted as hedges or in groups to show their elegance. They are not as prolific here in the warm tropics.

Meghana Hassan said...

Beautiful, azaleas are just awesome...

Barb said...

What a lovely lush green area you live in. Great shots.

EG CameraGirl said...

Every year at this time I'm amazed at how far ahead your spring is than ours here in the Greater Toronto Area.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The honeysuckle must make your whole yard smell wonderful!