Thursday, September 18, 2008

Part Two about my post doc NCMA tour

The NCMA is in the process of an large expansion which will include a new 127,000 square foot museum which you can learn about here if you are interested. The old museum (which I always thought of as the new museum to differentiate from the downtown one they had when I was a child) will become a center for special exhibits, education, and administration. During the construction much of the egyptian art and part of the ancient as well as contemporary american collection are not being shown. The new museum won't be completed until 2010 so there is a lot of construction going on in front of the old museum. The mural above and below partially blocks the contruction as you walk into the museum. The mural is dedicated to the museum's permanent collection and show the Wyeth painting Winter, above which is a favorite of mine. You can click on the title to see the painting which is one of the pieces you aren't allowed to photograph. I think it's interesting how there is an open central part breaking the mural in half and giving a view of the contruction porta potties. In 2008 (not sure when), the new gallery which will house the 23 Rodins which were a gift to the museum will open. This will include a Rodin study center and adjacent garden.The sculpture Herakles, 2nd century, is one I find a little unnerving. I think the annimal skin draped on the support is more unnerving than the club. For some reason it makes me think of shots of Sarah Palin. Ooops, did I just say that. Another piece I find unnerving is the Madonna and Child sheltering Supplicants Under Her Cloak. To me it's a bit like a magnified crowd scene with little room. Below is a self protrait as my reflection is caught and it shows an ancient american piece that I like. I wouldn't mind having that one in my living room.
The title of the piece above is Water Jar with Abstract Face and it's from Costa Rica 1200-1550 AD. I couldn't find it online so no link like others. Although only a portion of the Ancient American and Ancient African collection are currently on view I enjoyed them as much as anything. The Masks from the Cameroon Grassfields shown below appeals to me.
The lighting was terrible for in door photography, at least with my camera but it gives you an idea. While I'm showing pieces I could live with in my home, Capriccio: The Rialto Bridge and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, about 1750 by Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto (Italian, 1697-1768) shown below would fall into that category. In terms of photographic effects, I kind of like the way Emperor Caracalla in the Guise of Helios, Early 3rd Century ends up looking a bit like a case of me and my shadow, so to speak. There were several photos of sculpture I took that had shadows which I liked.
I always enjoy the Judaic Collection but again photography wasn't easy. The marriage Contract (Ketubbah), 1878 as well as the bridal belt and ring appeal to me for some reason.
As far as a tour goes this is another disjointed one with a little of this and that but it's kind of fun to flip through my shots and see what appeals to me and slap them into a post. Then later I can see what appealed to me in this moment as it's ever changing.
I'll end with the entrance to the Museum Park which gave me an idea for my own cracked driveway. I bet with stencils and paint I could do something like that to add interest to my driveway. It's a thought.


Berni said...

Some really interesting objects that you have photographed. I find some of them rather off putting myself. The madonna with all the heads is repulsive I think.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

wow - so much here to look at and enjoy. the sides of the the building in progress with the windows - a fascinating shot. loving the sidewalk!

Dr.John said...

Loved the tour.
Have fun painting your driveway.

jmb said...

It is not easy photographing inside a museum when you cannot use flash as I have discovered.
Some interesting things there Carver.

Sienna said...

I enjoyed that, great show, the masks are very cool, would love them on the wall.

23 Rodins is incredible, that is a serious collection..

I love sculptures, I'm the strange woman that would love to touch them, it takes some restraint, but they just make me feel like I do scuba diving, you wanna touch the fish, you never do and they swim away, but you just wanna touch them!?


Rambling Woods said...

Congrats on being able to be happy "post-doc". I should do something fun after some of my appointments.. Hmm...Especially after the once a year MRIs to see how my MS is doing. I hope you continue to win your battle....