Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Done with the docs, fun outings, N.E.D.

I celebrated being done with the docs (for the month) by going to the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) today. The Dermatology and Skin Cancer practice I go to for my full body checks as part of my routine follow up as a melanoma patient happens to be around the corner from the NCMA. All of my too many follow up appointments this month have gone well and I'm officially 3 1/2 years disease free after my diagnosis with Stage III node positive melanoma. Woooohooo! The NCMA is having a special exhibit of Julie Mehretu: City Sitings but since photography isn't allowed in guest exhibition rooms the banner in the first photo is all that I can can show of that. However you can click on the title above, if you are interested in reading about it. Her work is very interesting and quite expansive with some individual works covering an entire large wall. The second and third photographs are from the 17th century Flemish kunstkamer (art room).
I like the mixture of paintings, sculpture, furniture, books, and such in the Flemish kunstkamer but unfortunately my non flash photography didn't turn out very well. At least it gives you an idea of some of what I saw.The Garden Parasol by Frederick Carl Frieseke (American, 1874-1939, active in France from 1898) makes me think of my father. Back when the NCMA was downtown in the old museum in Raleigh prior to it's move to a larger new one, I recall looking at this painting with him. Then when my daughter was about 8 we took her together to the museum where the NCMA has been for many years now and the three of us looked at this painting. You can click on the title for a better photograph on the NCMA site.
The Cebolla Church by Georgia O'Keefe is a favorite of mine in the museum's permanent collection. The title link will take you to the full painting but this shot where I chopped off the top is the only one I took which didn't blur. I like how you can see a suggestion of what's inside in the window on the left.
This was the first time I'd seen the photograph above by Thomas Struth titled Musco del prado 5, Madrid 2005. Nestled in one of the painting galleries it's startling to see this german photographers works of a school group standing in front of a Diego Valasquez paiting at the Museo del Prado in Madrid. I wish I could find a better copy online to link but my crappy photo gives an idea of the work. The blurb on the wall discusses how this photograph questions the art of looking and what happens when art is viewed in museums with crowds of people. On a rainy Tuesday I was the only one in that particular room so I didn't have to contend with crowds.
I have barely scratched the surface of my post doc tour of the art museum but I'll save some of it for later. The shot above is of two of the winners of the 2008 Kids Wildlife Art Competition and you can go to the Web Page for the Winners to see all of the children's art. They blew me away as much as anything in the museum. Speaking of wildlife, yesterday after my other doctor's appointment; I saw a hawk that flew so close to me it actually scared me. By the time I photographed it, the hawk was too far away although I'll look through those shots later and see if any are worth posting.I had fun going on a photo walk yesterday, across the street from the end of neighborhood park where I grew up. It was a perfect day for a walk outside after my appointment with the other doc I saw this week, and his office was near this park and greenway. My brother played little league football on the field above almost 40 years ago and it hasn't changed much except now they play soccer on that field.
When I was growing up, what is now a greenway trail was all woods. We had the park on the other side but no paths on this side. Last time I walked on that trail before yesterday, was at least 5 years ago and there were only a few directions the path went in. Now they've added about 4 more bridges and the path cuts across the stream at many more locations that it did the last time I was there. I suspect the more extensive trails are being put in to connect up with new townhouses in the area.
This post is so much longer than I intended but later I'll post some more of those bridges. Each one is a little different from the other. Although all of my appointments this month were routine follow-up, having them pile up together did make me tense. It's been very helpful to combine all of these fun outings with the not so fun exams. Fortunately all is well and I'm home free until the next cycle. Also, my dermatologist is letting me extend out my next appointment with him so it won't collide with my March oncology appointment. However, at this point now that I'm done with the docs I can look back and realize that so far this month I've been to an Art Museum, Art Park, Greenway trail I usually don't go to, and three separate university gardens. All that and I'm still N.E.D. (no evidence of disease) as far as the cancer goes. Wooohooo!


ellen b. said...

Congratulations on being disease free 3-1/2 years out. It must be a relief. Beautiful views you showed us here on your fun outings!!

Dr.John said...

It is always a good feeling when the Doctor is happy with your progress. I rejoice with you.
I loved all the pictures even if you didn't think they were that good.

desert dirt diva said...

congrats on being diaease free,it must be a relief...i'm suppose to make my appt. for my spot lung thing and have not, scared i gues.. but as soon as i get done here i all your pictures..loved the church the most..looks so real

SandyCarlson said...

Congratulations on the health report! May this always be so.

I'm loving the O'Keeffe, too!

Dee said...

Interesting art there at the museum and I love hearing about your recollections of having visited it before - with your dad and then with him and your daughter. Very cool stuff.

And, I hope you can hear me yelling WOO HOO, too! NED is a very good place to be and having the peace of mind is a good thing- yes going to all the docs is a major pain in the you-know-what - but now you know that there isn't any cancer.

And, that knowledge is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Hurray!!! I've been waiting to hear, knowing that this September week was on your docket. I noticed your absence on MPIP today and figured you were out, but didn't expect to hear the news so soon of the GOOD news.

I'm SO happy for you, Carver. I've had a pretty happy day and this is the icing on today's cake!



Anonymous said...

I am very, very happy for you, Carver!!! And what nice visits you shared here with us, just lovely!

SabineM said...

So\ HAPPY that you are NED! (i did wonder what that meant!
lovely pictures (of course)

jmb said...

Good job Carver, all is well. Nice to see the museum, a change from the beautiful scenery in your part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Carver gal you are going to be a ripe old granny just like me!
You extend yourself in so many ways to others its a mission never complete an assignment of many years~ and no one can do it better then you! CONGRATS on your milestones I sense the healing of soul, body and mind and it makes for a beautiful Carver!
Cheers and love sent your way~
Jane your mel-sista ;-)

Sienna said...

Me too, rejoicing with you, I love that you combine the outings with the Doc appointments, great idea. I'm also thinking icecream and chocolate, but that's just my two bobs worth..:)

What a journey you are having.

I have enjoyed the pictures as well, was great to tour through the art show, incredible about the umbrella painting and 3 generations. I have trouble getting pictures indoors, I know it's me, the operator and I guess I should read the book that come with the camera.....but heck.


Carver said...

Thanks so much to everyone for your thoughtful, supportive comments. I appreciate it so much.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

congratulations!! wooot woot. thank goodness that is behind you for another year. I am making my rounds too - so far so good. so kind of you to take you on your after doctor appt strolls.