Monday, September 08, 2008

Changes on my blog, award thank you, flowers

If anyone is here for weekend snapshot, that post is below this one.
The photographs in this post are going to be from my garden this summer, although I don't have as much blooming at the moment. A few of the shots are recent but I have a pile of shots I've been taking all summer and never posted so I'll be working some of them in.I have enjoyed summer flowers and fresh vegetables and the other pleasures of the warmer months but I am very eager for fall (autumn) at this point. So eager I jumped the gun and changed my blog header recently to reflect the fall colors to come. The shot was from last fall so I may change it again once we are in the later part of October and November. I'm sure I'll be shooting the trees, once again with my camera, as each leaf changes.Some of my other recent changes to my blog have involved streamlining my side bar. I noticed my blog was slow loading even after cutting back on the number of posts on the front page. I decided to get rid of all the photographs I had on the side bar as well as buttons, excepting the small ones for photo memes because they shouldn't affect the load speed. When we get closer to the next blog blast for peace which will be November 6, and other events, I'll put their graphics back up temporarily. For now I have links to Blog Blast for Peace and other internet action groups on the link bar but not the graphics.
I have also taken the blogging award badges which some of my blogging friends have so kindly given me off the side bar. I hated to do that but I also want to make sure that people who want to visit my blog don't have a long wait for it to load. I have so many photographs in the posts that I've decided that I need to keep the sidebar as free as I can. I do have a category in the post labels for awards so they are still within the posts.
Speaking of Awards, I am remiss and behind in thanking some bloggers for awards they have mentioned me for. First I want extend thanks for an award that a collaborative blog which SabineM invited me to join her on was mentioned for. SabineM and I received our first award for Snap2Day from Sabine (there are two Sabines's whose blogs I enjoy) who blogs at Days of My Life in Gozo which we appreciated so much. It was the Brillante Weblog Award and the blogging partners at Two Lives also passed on that award to us which we appreciated.
I always enjoy Days of My life in Gozo and Sabine also has a photoblog called Sabine's Fotoblog. Gozo is part of the Maltese archipelago and Sabine's photographs bring that part of the world to life for me. Lissa and Susan at Two lives meld their shots so well that sometimes it's hard to tell where one shot starts and the other ends. It's hard to remember that Lissa is photographing in NYC and Susan in Seatte. Lissa also has a photoblog called Postcards from the Clouds .
Startinesky who blogs at From My View kindly mentioned my personal blog, Carver's Sight where you are now, for the Brillante Weblog Award which I appreciate. I enjoy Startinesky's photography and posts from the UK a great deal.Mary who blogs at Work of a Poet kindly mentioned me for the Kick Ass Blogger Award. Mary is teaching four classes this semester and may not be blogging as much as she was but will continue to participate in some of the photo memes. I appreciated Mary for mentioning me for this award. She is definitely a kick ass blogger.
Mimi who started Blog Blast For Peace and whose stories and thought provoking posts can be found at at Mimi Writes kindly mentioned me for the Perfect Blend of Friendship Award which I appreciated. Mimi brews up a perfect blend of friendship and peace where ere she goes.
Elaine who blogs at It's Not a Weekend it's a Lifestyle and who also has a beautiful photoblog Napaboaniya APAD mentioned me for the Million Dollar Friends Award recently which I appreciated. Elaine is a million dollor friend herself.
I want to say a big thank you to my fellow bloggers for thinking of me for these awards. They are all well deserving of the awards they received and are so thoughtful to pass on. I fear I fall down in that department as of late, since I haven't been passing on the awards like you are supposed to when accepting them. I'm also slow posting my thank you much of the time. There are so many beautiful blogs and I am honored when people think of mine. I hope at some point I'll figure out a good way to show my appreciation but for now I'll leave it with thank you.


Dr.John said...

Great flower pictures. Loved each and every one.

SabineM said...

Carver, you are loved!
I also like the new look. I am SOO READY FOR FALL here!

jmb said...

For someone who claims the garden is not as good as it used to be, I can only say it must have been like the garden of Eden based on the current photos.

dixymiss said...

An eXquisite series of floral shots, Carver. I'm eager for Autumn to arrive too (my favorite season). ThanX for sharing your beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots of those flowers,I like the yellow sunflower :) Cheerful and makes me smile.
I'm glad you like the million dollar friend award. You're indeed a million dollar friend of mine :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots and great awards, congrats on all of them!!

escape said...

very beautiful floral shots here. congratulations for the awards and badges received.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what a wide assortment of colored bliss. I wouldn't mind strolling in your summer garden!

Mojo said...

I just realized (or remembered?) we're neighbors. Seems like you commented on a shot I took at Raulston Arboretum once. I should go there more often, it's not that far from my house.

Carver said...

Thanks so much to everyone for visiting. Mojo we do live in the same town. Lately I've realized a couple of bloggers I visit are in the triangle area.

Gill - That British Woman said...

just love the gerber daisy shot........they are all good though.

Gill from Canada