Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter walks are amongst my favorites

Part of what I love so much about winter walks is that I can walk anytime I want to without worrying about the heat. I can generally bundle up enough to be plenty warm when I walk, as long as the wind isn't blowing too hard. Today, I had a very pleasant brisk walk in the middle of the day, a luxury that is rare in the summer when it's too hot to walk except in the morning and evening. I also love the change of scenery. Now that most of the leaves have dropped it's almost as if a new painting has been brought in, replacing for a time the old. I think that's why I need 4 seasons. I need the change of scenery I get without going going anywhere. I must be mellowing. I don't even mind my subdivision being more exposed. I've always liked bare trees but thought the boring houses in my neighborhood needed the spring, summer and fall foliage which softens and hides the monotony of the 1968 stock plan houses. For some reason when I was walking today I thought my neighborhood looked comfortable, cozy, bare trees forming an interesting skyward view but the houses themselves didn't seem half as monotonous as I remembered them seeming in the winter, when they are more exposed to the street. I get my bone scan and MRI of the brain on Thursday and have an appointment with the medical oncologist exactly a week from Thursday when he'll give me the results and we'll discuss my situation. Not expecting any problems but it will be good to know that my brain looks like it looked 15 months ago when I got my last MRI of the brain. I've never had a bone scan so it will also be a relief to find out that all looks fine. Nice to be able to get these done at my local hospital and not have to deal with more than a short hop skip and a jump to where the scans are being done. Considering how far people drive routinely for melanoma follow up and treatments I can't complain about the hour, give or take, it takes to get to the university melanoma clinic I usually go to. However, it's nice having a medical oncologist at the hospital which is only a 15 minute drive from me. Kind of the best of both worlds having a surgical oncologist with a large research university that's within an hour from me and the medical oncologist that's within 15 minutes from me. I'm feeling pretty good about things today. Calm . . . Greatful . . . Mellow. . .

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Sarah said...

Good luck today Carver (Thursday)! The loud clangs of the MRI are never fun, the bone scan is a walk in the park compared to the black hole that is the MRI. I too am sure they'll find nothing since your CT's have been good.

I should be getting out for walks in the snow and enjoying it too. I think you've put a fresh perspective on it for me, I wasn't ready to give up fall. It passed in the blink of an eye. But winter has its benefits too.

Take care