Tuesday, December 12, 2006

May be starting to believe

I may be starting to believe in NED. No evidence of disease is shortened to NED on a melanoma site I participate in. I was very relieved to get a call yesterday from the nurse at the medical oncologist's office to let me know that my MRI of the brain and bone scan were normal. I will see the doctor Thursday to discuss my situation but was very pleased that they went ahead and let me know the scans were fine. At this point I think I have to try once again to start moving forward, one step at a time. I have been walking regularly. Not running, not strolling, walking steadily on my standard neighborhood routes. I am being careful not to get carried away but at the same time I'm trying to go fast enough so the endorphins will jump in. It's working for the most part. I'm getting a little better mentally. I have to believe that I am going to continue to improve physically and mentally. If I hold on to that I can start moving away from the stress of trying to figure out things I'll never figure out. I will never understand why I've had so many physical problems since my groin lymph node dissection but I can start trying once again to find that elusive new normal. I may have to accept that the new normal will be full of changes. Some changes for the better like I've already received from the vitamin D supplements which are correcting the deficiency slowly and improving my balance. As my levels come up more, that may help with some of the myofacial pain. There's no answer yet about the C reactive protein being high or the peripheral neuropathy symptoms but perhaps the medical oncologist will have some ideas. If not, all I can do is keep trying and be grateful for what I do have which is quite a lot.


King (Kathie) said...


I am so happy with your news. I had a smile on my face most of the day today because of it.

That new normal is hard to figure out and accept sometimes, isn't it? As my husband likes to say, "I'm a work in progress".

Your pics are just breath taking.

Stay Strong


Anonymous said...

That's great news Carver.

Anonymous said...

Great news, so glad to hear how well you are must want to pinch yourself to believe what you were told. Ah, a huge sigh of relief.

When you have some time could you email me with more info on your vit D supplement..I have a friend that seems to have a balance problem as well and I'm wondering if that's something that could help her too.

Holly said...

Great News on the NED status! Slow steady progress with the walking .....Keep it up and keep Living STRONG!