Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Walking the World

Looking through my old garden photos I thought I'd go for contrast. I'm thinking ahead to the spring because I want to try to help it along by scattering seed heads that tend to volunteer even without my help. I'm helping because there are areas I would like to have flowers which haven't been garden spots before. The contrast part is since it's almost Christmas it seems odd to post the shot I think of as my in my easter bonnet shot so I'm also going to post one of my ice tree shots. Amazing how destructive something as beautiful as an ice storm can be. I titled this post walking the world because I'm intriguiged by the idea and there is a group called walking the world which is geared towards the 50 and up age group. I'll be 50 in November of 2007 so I'll be in that age group in a blink. In some ways the trips seem a little tame. Particularly since my goal at one point was to do an older adult tailored outward bound trip. Walking the world as the name implies does involve a lot of walking but there are nice hotels at the end of the walks. One of their upcoming trips is to Costa Rica and according to the description you get perks like: "And for an unforgettable evening, we’ll enjoy a luxurious soak and dinner at Tabacon Hot Springs, an extravagantly landscaped series of hot pools and waterfalls at the base of Arenal Volcano. Overnight in Fortuna." Since you have a four hour walk the next day, it probably is nice to have a recovery like that to get re-energized. This is all fantasizing at the moment. For one thing I'm worn out if I walk for an hour. Funny how the sissy trip seems beyond my current abilities. I am feeling so much better though and I want to focus on that. This is day 6 of my latest effort to do the best I can. I've been walk/jogging for 4 out of those 6 days. I've also been doing my P.T. exercises. I've lost 7 pounds. I suspect at least half of that is water weight but that's good. My left leg looks almost the same size as my right leg so I know the lymphedema is under control. Progress.

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King (Kathie) said...


Congratulations!!! You've had a very productive 6 days. Wow!

Wishing you and your family very Happy Holidays. Celebrate that NED status.

Stay Strong