Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas past

I was looking through some of the photographs on my old computer that I haven't decided yet whether to move onto the new computer, or delete, and I came across my Christmas tree in 2000. I guess I'm exaggerating in my mind a bit the difference between my current Charlie Brown tree and the ones I used to get. At least that year, it doesn't appear that I moved much of the furniture out of my living room. I guess that was more my tactic when my daughter was small as I distinctly remember storing a lot of furniture to get the tree in. I have to admit that looking at these photographs I do sort of miss having a tree large enough to hang lights and read underneath it with my daughter. I'm picking her up from her dad's today. Bill and I picked her up from the airport together last weekend and after a brief stop here she went to her Dad's for the week and is coming back here today. Bill and I only live a few miles a part which is convenient. I'm doing Christmas eve supper this year and he's doing Christmas Day dinner. We alternate the feast days now which works well. Since I did Thanksgiving this year, he's doing Christmas day dinner but on the years it works out like that I usually do some kind of Christmas eve supper and invite him over which is fun. I am very lucky to have a close friendship with my ex husband. The older I get the more I appreciate that for a variety of reasons. The first few years after our divorce we weren't this close but fortunately we are now. Looking at my old Christmas trees is making me a bit nostalgic. Who knows maybe I will get all the ornaments down after Christmas and hang them on clothelines strung up around the windows. It's a thought. Keep a little year round magic going. A friend suggested that I do that during Christmas because I have so many ornaments that I can't hang on my tiny trees this year. I do have a few of my favorites on cabinet knobs and the large ones sitting under the little tree in front of the increasingly large pile of presents. I don't even think Santa is going to fill the stockings this year. My theory is Santa is going to take one look at the pile of presents under the little tree, kiss them and move on without bothering with the stockings. That's what I'd do if I was Santa. Perhaps an orange in each of the stockings but that will be it.

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