Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nice to have her home

It's nice to have my daughter home for a while. She graduated from college this month and is waiting to hear from all the law schools she has applied to before deciding where to go next. She has been accepted to start in the summer at one which would be a big move and if she goes there it wouldn't make sense to make some of the moves that she had planned for this out of school semester. Therefore, she asked if I minded having her home with me until her next big move and of course I said I'd be delighted so she has an interview lined up today for a bakery/cafe job that would be within walking distance. Something like that would be ideal for her, in my opinion or the bookstore which is also hiring and where she'll interview in January if she doesn't get this job. The way it has turned out since she went to college in 2003, I have rarely had her home for any length of time. One winter break she had a three week course in France. She had jobs out of state for two of the three summers. Therefore this will be different for both of us. Depending on the job she gets here and where she goes to school next she could conceivably be home until next fall although once she hears from all the schools, she may go ahead and move to the one she'll attend if she can get a job lined up there. I guess we'll see. Busy body that I am, I've also mentioned the nearby library and other places she might try for a job close by. Her car died a year ago and since she was going to Ireland for her semester abroad (last spring) she decided that it didn't make since to try and get it fixed (it was old) or try to get a new car. Since then she has decided she doesn't want a car. She'd rather walk or use public transportation. Hopefully that will work out although where I live isn't geared towards not having a car. There are, however, a fair number of places within two miles where she may be able to work.

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