Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Focus on improvement not cause

This is day five of my new focus on improving physically and forgetting about the cause. I've done everything possible to find out the causes of my ongoing mix of symptoms and at least two worisome ones has been diagnosed. The chalazions explain some of my weird visual issues and are being helped by the eye ointment. The vit D supplements are helping my balance. As to the rest, it doesn't really matter whether it's about my body freaking out after the groin dissection or some weird autoimmune dysfunction. What does matter is that I do the best I can, within the context of what's possible, and stop driving myself crazy trying to find answers. This is day 5 of my latest effort to get back to doing the things that I love. Perhaps this would be a good day to put new strings on my guitar or play the piano. Work is slow which gives me flexibility. I'm also going to go on a walk/jog. I am finding that my 2 and a half mile route is do-able. I probably don't jog more than 6 minutes total but just that little bit is enough to make my walk aerobic. I'm walking for a few minutes jogging for a few and back and forth until the mile mark when I stick with walking for the rest of the route. I managed to do that 4 days last week and this week I'm shooting towards 5 depending on how I feel. I'm also doing the physical therapy exercises. Yesterday was my day off from my walk/jog and I ended up doing some minor garden work. Mostly cut down the stalks with seed heads for flowers and sprinkled them where I think I'd like to have flowers in the spring.

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