Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer ending

I am trying to get motivated to go for a walk. It's in the low 70s and won't reach 80 until mid morning. Wooohoooo. The heat has been a killer this summer and I will be so glad to see it go. I am particularly glad that there is an end in site for the people without A.C. They have set up extra facilities for people to get inside a cool spot (primarily for the elderly) but it's never enough for the need. I was struck by the catch 22 situation of air conditioning units being offered to people that could establish their need in terms of health and finances, however, they also had to be able to establish that they could pay the increases in their electric bills which the A.C. units would bring. Let me see if I can get this straight. There is a city wide program to provide people living below the poverty line with an air conditioner if they have health issues which means the excessive heat is dangerous for them but at the same time they can't be poor because they have to be able to pay the higher electric bills that will result from having an A.C. unit. Those are the kind of radio reports that make me want to drive off the road in frustration.I could say a great deal more on the topic of programs which always seem to fall short of helping people that need them the most but I guess I'll get back to my petty concerns. Yesterday I took photographs of all the vines and ivies which I haven't started to deal with yet, knowing that now that I have opened the door to being sensible, anything can happen. Removing the miniature fig vine and carolina jasmine from my chimney and siding was only the first and most needed step. Now I have to decide about the increasingly thick ivy on the bricks and the rasberry, potato vine and ameliopsis on my deck wall. The good thing about the deck wall is the damage is already done. Years of birds drilling holes and nesting inside the wall means the plant matter serves the much needed role of hiding the damage. The big decisions will come when I replace the wall.The gate and fence is safe too. I hate chain link fencing and bit by bit it has been softened by vines and in terms of the borders of my secret garden, completely hidden by nandina, blueberry, and privet hedges. It's taken a while but my secret garden is almost secret enough for me to walk outside in my night gown and not worry about scaring my neighbors. The only thing I have to keep in mind is the meter readers. They have a hard enough job running from meter to meter in the heat without being scared by half naked old women. I wonder when the demands put on being a meter reader made them start running. They used to walk between houses but now they all run. Stuff like that bothers me.


Anonymous said...

Meter readers running..hmmm, I've never seen that must be something happening in your neighborhood. What do I know, I never see them anyway. Our meter is outside our yard so that makes it nice with no one going in the backyard that isn't invited.

I know it must be hard for you to trim back so many plants but in the long run it is probably better for the plants too. I love your photos. Have you taken classes on photography? They are facinating with dew drops or rain dripping off the berries and such.

I also wonder about those programs that are still too costly for the poor.

There was a warehouse that an owner wanted to donate to the city for those living on the streets to get out of the summer heat or the winter cold...but, and there is always a but...the city turned it down because it didn't meet certain criteria like restrooms, etc. I'm sure the city could have figured out a way to resolve that problem..this was a huge warehouse and would have housed's always so sad to see that we can't resolve these issues in a timely manner and for the "people" that need them the most. have a good day, sue

Carver said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks a bunch. I haven't taken any photography classes but I've been thinking about it. They have digital photography classes at a little arts center near me and if the times work for me, I may take a class in the fall. The meter runners is weird. They really run and this started a few years a go. They all do it so they must be paid based on how many they do VS by the hour. That's a shame about the warehouse. It drives me crazy when they can't work out the details on something like that. Take care, Carver

Anonymous said...

Situational Irony abounds, doesn't it?
I hope you can take a photography class. The instructor could probably use your help! : )
I love the ivy even though it can be destructive. It just adds such a permanence. It looks great on your gate and chain link. I would think that is a perfect place to let it have its way.
The irony of the poor not being able to afford a luxury item is quite a lot to think about...I often wonder about that television show that tears down someone's modest dwelling and builds a fantastic house in its place while the owners, who have met hard times, vacation at Disney World for a week. They come back to a home they probably will struggle to afford even with the mortgage thrown away. I don't get it and yet feel guilty somewhere down deep.
Another real shame on us is the homeless people who are mentally ill and don't have anyone to advocate for them becuase they don't know to ask.
Ultimately, there is help out there for folks who have the ability, knowledge and basic fortitude to sift through the system. Some people are just not able do that and if they could, they wouldn't(well it's somewhat likely) need the help in the first place.
Some more irony.
Some more guilt. (still recovering from the teachings of childhood.)
And all this comes from your wishy washy pretty darned conservative friend.
Love, K.

I used to pray for hours...'Forgive me Lord.' For what, I didn't know.
-Gene Wilder

Carver said...

Hey Kim,

I don't think you're wishy washy. I think we're all trying to do the best we can and sadly there are more questions than answers. Yep, I guess I could be called wishy washy but I do believe there are more questions than answers. I love the Gene Wilder quote. I've never heard that one before. What a classic. Yep, I do that, I'm guilty in general principal whether or not I remember what I'm guilty of, Ha.

Love, C

Anonymous said... must be nature's gift to woman..I know of few women that don't feel guilty about something.

Kim, do you have a book of quotes just laying way could you just remember all of these most perfect quotes..I want the book or your brain. sue