Monday, August 13, 2007

As summer's blossoms fade

When I wrote the title for this post I was thinking about the blossoms fading and also about my lack of energy, but I'm not fading at all. I'm regrouping and I know I'll get a big blast of energy soon as the temperatures moderate. Won't happen this week according to the forecast but it will be soon. I'm also remembering that last summer was even worse. Not the weather. The weather was better last August, as I recall. But I was freaking out over new symptoms and feared the worse. Turned out my new bone pain and balance issues were caused by a vitamin D deficiency. Getting those taken care of was a big help. The fast growing lump on my back was a lipoma, not metastatic melanoma as I feared. The fluid back up in an awkward spot was merely a weird manifestation of lymphedema. All those new symptoms were explained and improved. What I continue to deal with is manageable because I know what it is. The new normal is okay. I'm a good sight better off than I was this time last year.
Nope, I'm not fading, merely kicking back a spell. Focusing on what I have to do (work for one, although blessedly I'm in a slight lull). I'm not worrying so much if walking is a no go because of the weather, or weeding, or ______. I can almost fill in the blank with a pile of non essentials. What has to be done is getting done and the rest, well, there's September right around the corner. I'm not so much wilted as hunkering down for a spell. Not a damn thing wrong with that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carver,

Still reading you blog considering it my daily nature cyber walk with a friend.
You may fade and bunker down Just do not turn into a seed. Smile.


Carver said...

Hi Gia,

Thanks dropping by. You made me laugh with your seed comment. I better not turn into a seed or one of my feathered friends will snap me up, ha. Hope you're having a pleasant summer. Love, Carver