Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sorry, not a prince . . .

This poor little bird thought she'd found her Prince. When she moved to give him a little peck, the dainty girl was rudely awakened by the discovery that he was a hard rocker. The evidence is in the photograph below. I love this frog but sometimes feel guilty when he surprises those who perch apon him because he literally rocks back and forth. That's what he was designed to do. Nothing wrong with hard rockers. The problem is the surprise element for the innocent bird.
I've never handled surprises that well myself which is odd because I've always had an adventurous side. My problem, in part, was being too adventurous in the wrong ways when I was young. I had trouble trusting my judgment enough to go with my adventurous urges once I was an adult. A disappointment for me has been how my plans for grand adventures later in life have been derailed somewhat. I liked the idea of doing one of the adult tailored outward bound trips until the crap hit the fan in the form of chronic pain after my groin lymph node dissection. I guess it's not completely out of the realm of possibility but at this point one of the tame walking the world trips are more realistic. Most of those trips are a bit pricey and rather upscale for my taste.Not that I don't like comfort but if I'm going to go on a walking the world trip it's not for the expensive hotels and gourmet picnics. I used to fantasize about hiking from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail after I retired. Who was I kidding. Even the mountains to sea trail in my home state would be unrealistic in the best of circumstances. The trail is 905 miles and with the side trails it can be turned into a 1000 mile hike. That's pretty doggone ambitious. The photograph above is from a May vacation in the mountains and the one below is from a June vacation at the beach.It's funny because even a trip where I drive (or rather ride and Bill drives) has become an expedition because I am just the tinsiest bit agaraphobic at this point in my life. Not sure why. I am perfectly capable of traveling and am always glad when I do but it's hard to get myself going. This too shall pass . . . or not . . . All in all I'm grateful because the Fairy attending my birth, invisible to mere mortals, certainly gave me more than my fair share of good luck. I am appreciative.

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