Sunday, August 26, 2007

Recess is ending

I was glad that the photohunter prompt for this Saturday was happy. I posted my happy shots Friday and spent Friday afternoon (slow work day cooperated) and Saturday looking at what others had done with the theme. Although Saturday is the official photohunt day, with time differences as well as how large it's become the photohunt seems to get spread out over a few days which I like too because I try to visit as many as possible. It's a nice diversion for me, particularly since the heat cuts into so much of what I enjoy doing. This time of the year is perfect for me to begin an activity like that. What I liked in particular about the happy theme was it reminded me of what makes me happy and there is quite a lot in that category. On the somewhat frivolous side, I enjoy blowing bubbles and I'm glad to be reminded of that. I am going to try to spend some time in the morning and perhaps early evening if it's not too hot, blowing a few bubbles and watching them float off until they pop. I need something frivolous to take the edge off of the next month.The reason I titled this post recess is ending is because that's how I feel about August coming to an end. September looms with a different doctor's appointment each and every week. All are routine follow ups but I can feel the tension rising. I'll have to be sure to blow some bubbles. My first appointment in September is with the rheumatologist and my last one at the end of the month is with the surgical oncologist who has been following me since I got staged with Stage III melanoma. The middle appointments include my gynecologist and dermatologist. I won't be free and clear until early October when I see my pain specialist. Then I should get a break until December when I see the medical oncologist. I don't know why I let the tension rise about these fairly routine appointments. I shouldn't need any scans until my annual full body PET/CT in March and that's always the big tension producer. I am well aware of how fortunate I am to have good health insurance and a job that I can do from my home computer. Work is one thing I don't discuss on my blog but I will say that being able to primarily work from home and only occasionally commute to the office is an enormous perk in my situation. I can spread out the work week and take breaks for doctor's appointments and blowing bubbles as the need arises.I'm glad that I have so many positive aspects of my life that make me embarrassed to give in to the lure of excessive whining. One large reason to celebrate is that I haven't had any further metastatic disease beyond the one lymph node. That is enormous considering the risk factors. I've had a few scares but during the time period where I had to have comparison scans and repeats in three months, the scares ended up being established as false alarms. That's what I call lucky as all get out. Why then is there always a BUT in everything I say, even if it's not spelled out. It's not always stated but it is often implied at the very least. Maybe if I turn it on its head and put the boogeyman first and the good part last it will help. Nope that doesn't work. I tried it and it's much worse. I truly am fortunate. I have good friends, a supportive family, a job that I can do in spite of some physical limitations, I can still do some gardening, I can go on pleasant walks and even slow hikes, I have excellent medical care, my prognosis improves with each and every year that passes, I can be intellectually engaged, and that's only about me. If I start thinking about my daughter, a whole new set of fortunate events arise. In the final analysis, there isn't even a but worth saying. Bill and I have trips planned to the mountains in October and to Manhattan to celebrate my 50th birthday in November. My daughter is coming home for Christmas. Nice to have fun events to look forward to. All this and bubbles as well. All of the sudden my mood has improved.


Shelby said...

I'm glad your mood has improved:)

Christmas is just around the corner you know...

take care and happy day!

Carver said...

Thanks Shelby and I appreciate you stopping by. I hope you have a happy day too.

Anonymous said...

O me, O appointments always make me a little uneasy and I'm not a stage III, so to me being somewhat apprehensive is normal for any doctor appt. I'm sure my next appt will not be any different than any of the others but I am bulking at going gives me so much anxiety so I can only imagine how you would feel..quite normal, I suspose.

So, you are a Thanksgiving baby, well, at least in November. I love that time of year and I hope this year will be especially happy and delightful for you as you celebrate the big "50" with Bill. Maybe the two of you should schedule a little trip to Iowa before winter. That could be a fun trip seeing Judith and seeing where she is going to school. I just love little vacations..think of all the pictures you could take and display for the rest of us. lol
Whatever you do, enjoy and Sept will go by quickly and Christmas will be here before you know it.

Carver said...

Hi Sue,

I'm sure I'd be as nervous about doctor's appointments, no matter what stage I was. I guess it's the nature of the beast.

I was born on veteran's day which helps me remember when I was born. Just kidding but I'm so bad I could almost forget my birthday without trying. One of my sisters lives in Manhattan so that's part of the fun of going there. I haven't been to NYC in ages as we usually get together at the beach.

I know I'll get to Iowa one of these days although since Judith's making it home Christmas I may be shooting more towards spring. I'm also getting together at the end of November with an old friend who has her 50th after mine so lots to look forward to. Take care, Carver

jmb said...

I hope all goes well for you with these appointments. How can you help but be apprehensive, I'm sure I would be in your place.
I'm glad that you could find a happy ending to this post and I enjoyed your beautiful photos again.
The happy theme was wonderful wasn't it. I loved seeing those I was able to visit, which was not so many since I am out of town.

King (Kathie) said...


I hope to be blowing bubbles with you some day soon!

Being a patient is no fun, I agree. For years we went for routine visits - gyn, eye exams, dental, etc. - and always expected nothing but a good result. Things have changed for us but I just know you'll be fine in September. :)

Stay Strong

Kathie (King)

Carver said...

Thanks JMB and I hope that the rest of your travels are enjoyable.

Hi Kathie, I hope we can blow bubbles sometime soon too. I'm still uplifted by your good news. You are such an inspiration.