Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nothing like new seedlings popping up

It may not look like much but those little seedlings springing up 4 days after planting have given me a big boost mentally. The bon vivant spicy lettuce, as well as the easter egg blend radishes are already up and I spied the spinach starting to emerge as well. I have 4 different kinds of lettuce planted but bon vivant is first up. Sort of seems fitting. I was so excited that it gave me some much needed energy. Not the crazy energy where I hurt myself by overdoing it, but the right kind of energy where I do what I can and stop when I'm beat.
I got up on the ladder which only has fives steps so I figured it would be OK. It's funny how cautious I was, testing out each step to make sure I was well balanced. I managed to rake the pine needles off the greenhouse roof which will let quite a bit more light in. In the summer it's kind of nice for the greenhouse to be more of a shade house with pine needles on top but even if I don't grow anything in the greenhouse, in the winter it's nice to let the light in and have it for a warm spot to sit in. I cut back some of the privet which is also creating more and more shade but I didn't get very far with that. I actually stopped when I started to feel wobbly and achy. Imagine that.
I know the hard part for me, in terms of finding a new normal, has been that I tend to be an all or nothing person. I've gotten better about that with age but still I find it hard when I feel a tad better or have a burst of energy not to try to make up for all the time I've wasted. It doesn't work and I finally get that. So steady but surely will be my new motto as I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I am so happy that my little seedlings popped up to greet me the fourth day after planting.


King (Kathie) said...

Hey lady with the green thumb,

You be careful on that ladder. And I agree 100% that learning to pace yourself is so difficult.

Beautiful pics as usual. :)

Stay Strong

Carver said...

Hi Kathie,

It's funny with ladders. Even before melanoma, my daughter used to worry about me on a ladder. Being impatient and being on a ladder don't go very well together. The good thing about now is I am very slow and careful even on the ground and comically so on a ladder. Good thing I have so much privacy screening so my comical moments are sheltered.

Take care, Carver

jmb said...

Slow and steady wins the race, but it's so hard if you are not a tortoise personality.
I can't go very high on a ladder so I would not be very good at this.

Carver said...


I could learn from your Thursday Walking group. When I first found your blog I read about how that group evolved through the years to accommodate age and differing capabilities. I thought it was so smart, not to mention fun the way you go to different places. Take care, Carver

Donetta said...

I see that your challenges have taught a lesson I so need to gain ground on. I know that it is a joy do do all. My hamster on a wheel life has changes to make as well. Humbling isn't it :)

Carver said...

You are so right Donetta and let me say that I have a very slow learning curve, ha.