Monday, September 10, 2007

Survival Curve to get image into a post for MPIP

I am trying to get a chart into an MPIP post so I'm posting here to do it. The chart comes from An Evidence based staging system for cutaneous melanoma.

The chart below is for Stage IIIA, B, and C. If anyone stumbles on this chart please note that Stage and Clark's level are two different things. These two different classifications sometimes get confused by newly diagnosed people. Stage III means you are either node positive, or have satellite or intransit metastatic tumors. Distant spread (beyond closest major draining lymph node basin) is stage IV. Clark's level refer to the layers the primary penetrates. You can have a Clark's Level IV primary melanoma and only be Stage I so it's important not to confuse those two things. The survival stats are very good for melanoma patients who are Stage I. This is a silly babble since I'm posting this way back (back dating it) so it won't turn up with current posts. The point though is sometimes people read the melanoma category of my blog and a few people have arrived here through web searches. Please note. I am not a doctor or a medical professional of any kind. I have Stage III melanoma and my knowledge is the knowledge of a reader and a patient.

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