Monday, September 03, 2007

Tagged for 8 questions

I have been Tagged by Trinity. This internet tag game is 8 questions you shouldn't ask or say to me. Trinity and I have some similarities as far as this tag goes.

1. I didn't know you were expecting another child. When are you due?

A girl I went to elementary school with organized a get together of the girls in our small Episcopal elementary school class. The get together was at her country club for lunch. This was 1994 (26 years after we completed our elementary school years). I was in the process of getting a divorce and not only was I not pregnant but I had a radical hysterectomy when my daughter was 3 because I had such severe endometriosis. My answer to the question was, I'm not expecting another child unless it's an immaculate conception because I'm in the process of a divorce, I'm not dating anyone, not to mention the fact that I don't have a uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries anymore. Pardon my irreverent reply, no disrespect to Mary intended.
2. What is your due date? (13 years after the first time I was asked that question)

I was flattered the last time I was asked that question because it meant someone thought I was young enough to have a baby. It was fairly recently and I was on a walk and an elderly man who lives around the corner from me asked the question. He's not a neighbor I've ever met so I was kind when I a

3. Doorbell rings, hello, I'm cleaning some of your neighbor's gutters and noticed your gutters are full. You will start to damage your house soon. Would you like to set up a time for me to clean your gutters? Me, I already have a gutter cleaner, thanks for reminding me to call him. I don't like to be made to feel as shabby as I am for being so slack about my home maintenance. For the record, I did get my gutters cleaned.

4. Would you like me to replace your siding while I'm in your neighborhood? I probably should do that and since most of my house is brick it'
s only a couple of places that need replacing. Even so, I'm sick of having people ring my doorbell to ask if I want that done.
5. Would you like me to trim your bushes? 6. Would you like me to resurface your driveway? 7. Would you like me to paint your door? Note- I painted my front door myself and it's obvious. 8. Would you like to hire me for home repairs?

Notice a theme starting to evolve. Don't try to fix my house or offer to drive me to the maternity ward. If anyone wants to play, consider yourself tagged. It's too hard for me to chase down anyone else and tag them since I'm so close to giving birth (NOT).


Avory said...

Haha, I didn't see you'd just done a tag game... well, here's another!

You're it!

I tagged you for a blog game; details here.

Trinity said...

hahaha... thanks for this, sis! :-) you did a great post.And you got another tag order now... *wink wink*