Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dragons in the Sky

We may not be getting any much needed rain but at least the dragons are prancing about the sky. Big puffy clouds are one of my favorite things about late August through early October where I live. I am from North Carolina (east coast southern state in the U.S.) and ended up in my home town as an adult. I live in the piedmont which is in the middle of the state with the closest mountains a few hours west of me and the closest beach a few hours east of me. We get big puffy clouds, on occasion, throughout the year but this is the time they are most likely to have a brilliant blue back drop. As a child riding home from the beach in late August we would make up stories around the clouds. Funny how two people can see such different things in the same clouds. I see a dragon roaring above but he decided not to spit fire because a messenger let him know about the fire warnings due to dry conditions.Soon fall colors will set the trees ablaze and hopefully it will be a wet winter. I realize I need to be careful what I wish for. We occasionally get substantial snow but rarely is that an issue where I live. The problem is we do get pretty bad ice storms sometimes and we aren't well equipped for that. Also, I am aware that while I obsess about the lack of rain we are moving into hurricane season and although our coast is usually the most vulnerable, we did have Hurricane Fran come ripping inland with its full wallop some years ago. I totally lucked out since my oak trees were amongst the few mature oaks in my neighborhood that Fran didn't rip up by the roots. I guess I better be a little circumspect with my rain dance this time of year. I feel so bad for the people dealing with Hurricane Felix.


Anonymous said...

That is one fine dragon, to be sure. I am glad you were out and about with your imagination to see him lurking there on his beautiful blue background. I hope that one of the jewels hidden bellyside falls in the form of a gentle rain.
Autumn is near...I can feel it on these September morns.
Love, K.

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Carver said...

Thank you Mr. Emerson and thank you too Kim. I'll have to remember that because the sky is the daily bread of the eyes. Perfect quote as always. I also love your imagery of the jewels from the belly falling as a gentle rain. Very poetic of you. Yep here come Autumn, YES! Love, C

Anonymous said...

I love your dragon. I have also got a dragon on my blog. A Golden Sky Dragon.