Thursday, September 20, 2007

Garden, rain, through the door

I am so excited about my new seedlings. They keep popping up and the weather has been perfect ever since the time I planted them ten days ago. It was quite hot when I planted the fall/winter garden which was optimal for germination and then as soon as they germinated it cooled down. I have had enough rain water in the various containers I use to collect it, for all the watering thus far.
I only planted three of my four square boxes because I thought I'd save one for when I thin the plants in the other boxes. I usually don't thin lettuce until it's big enough for baby greens in salads. I can get a number of salads from the baby greens I lift out and I keep doing that until I am down to the plants which have adequate space to grow through to maturity. I am mostly thinning the spinach and radishes. I have some volunteer fennel, kale, carrots and cilantro to confuse matters. That's one thing about my haphazard style of gardening, I let plants go to seed and then it's decision time when unexpected volunteers start peeking up where something else is planted. That's OK. I still have my rectangular boxes which also have lids for the winter. I can transplant the volunteers I want to keep into those boxes. I may end up with a bigger winter garden than I planned on but there's nothing wrong with that.
When I was checking on my garden I glanced over to my deck and noticed that my bedroom isn't quite as private as I think of it as being. The french door which looks out on my deck is great because I can watch the birds. This time of year with all the leaves on the vines, it seems very private to me as I can barely see my garden. I do have a curtain I can close for privacy which I do at night but I have thought about how it's not really necessary. Looking down from my garden and seeing my bedroom lamp shining out through the french door made me realize I probably should keep shutting the curtain. Wouldn't want to scare the animals that run around in my garden.


Theresa said...

wow I want to be one of your plants what TLC you give them, collecting rain water and all.

Don't give your animals too much of a peep show :) But it is nice you have such a pretty view from your bedroom.

Carver said...

Hi Theresa,

I fear my plants tend to get alternate TLC and neglect. Hopefully I can manage to keep these box plantings going though as they are fairly easy.

Anonymous said...

I love the thought of you waking to see your garden through an open door. The thought of the peace you must feel from the lovely haphazard balance with which you tend the plants makes me smile.
The animals will be just fine!
Love, K.

The truth is balance. However the opposite of truth, which is unbalance, may not be a lie.
-Susan Sontag

Carver said...

Hey Kim,

It's interesting that you mentioned peace because one of the main things I've wanted to have in my garden is a sanctuary. Sanctuary for me and the birds who nest in my privacy screening and nesting boxes. Even when it's a mess I do get a sense of peace and sanctuary.

Great quote as always, Carver

Anonymous said...

it is amazing that u think of closing yr curtains so as not to frighten the animals roaming around in your garden. I am touched by your love for animals.

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by your garden box design. Will you be able to grow plants in it all winter? Does it have a cover? And where did you find the material for the sides? If you've already covered this on a previous post, I apologize for not looking more thoroughly. Please send me the link.

Carver said...

Hi Toni,

Thanks for stopping by. I answered your question on your site but if anyone else checks here and wants to know the two links to posts that go into my winter garden are:

Anonymous said...

Your new seedlings look so healthy - and show such promise! You are a great encouragement to us all.