Monday, September 17, 2007

My flower garden video

I am trying out a video program click on video to play and click on video to stop. If you want to try out this nifty program which mixes your photographs into a video, you can go to Animoto.


Anonymous said...


That was really cool! I loved it! I'm wondering if it took a long time, trying out things, and then to put it along with music---wow, I'm impressed.

Loved the song---Roll with the moment. Ah, what a perfect thought, outlook, for these next couple of weeks. Thanks for that suggestion.


Carver said...

Hi Carol,

I can't take that much credit. It's this online site and once you pick your photographs and music their software puts it together. I did try to think about which of my flowers would work, and threw in a sky shot I took recently. Then I used one of the songs they had clips of that don't have copyright issues. I did think about which song I thought would work. Then after that all I had to do is hit make video and when I didn't like the first arrangement I hit re-mix. You can make some choices but it's not like doing it totally from scratch. I was pleased that Roll with the Moment was one of the song choices I had. I need to keep reminding myself to do that.

Take care, Carver

SabineM said...

Wow! I need to give this a try! Very nifty!

Anonymous said...

What a super video - lovely flowers & cheery music!
Thank you

Carver said...

Hi Sabine and TV, Thanks a bunch. Take care, Carver