Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Shade

Can't get enough of that summer shade. I love the colors and growth of summer but I could sure do without the heat. Oh well, pretty stupid to complain about heat when I live in an air conditioned house with temperature set on comfort.I didn't realize how keyed up I was about my daughter's dermatologist appointment until I found out it wasn't until Monday. I sent her an instant message to see how it went and she said, no mom it's not until Monday. No reason to expect a problem. I'm the one who had node positive melanoma and a thick primary, but she's the one with her Dad's milky white complexion and blue eyes. I always worried about her skin and numerous freckles and never worried about myself. One of life's many ironies. I still think of myself as having a dark complexion but after two years of sun smart behavior, I realize I'm much lighter complected than I thought I was. Even so my daughter's skin type is much lighter than mine. I'll be relieved when she lets me know how her skin check goes. Shortly after my diagnosis, when she was home for a vacation, I got her to go to my dermatologist. He didn't see anything that was a concern but said she should get skin checks every one to two years so of course she took that to mean every two years.
Oh well, she's doing better than me. I went to a dermatologist in 1984 and didn't make a repeat trip until 2005. I've made up for that in the past two years although I'm an easy skin check. I don't have much to look at since they were able to go ahead and remove the other two moles I had, once the one whopper came back melanoma. My daughter has a ton to follow. Mostly freckles but a significant amount of moles too. I don't really expect that she'll have to deal with skin cancer, I sure hope not. However, the one thing I've learned is it makes a big difference to take care of it early. Then again, for having a very deep primary, I've done pretty doggone well to only have one positive node. I have been lucky as all get out. I need to remind myself of that when I start getting down about things. Maybe eventually I'll stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and tie both of my shoe laces tight. I'm pretty bad about going out without tying my shoes. Literally, not figuratively.

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