Monday, July 09, 2007

Little Bird

I am not sure if this little bird is the one that keeps zipping over my head from the birdhouse to the trees and back when I go in and out my kitchen door. I'm back to being able to snap photos of the birds as long as I take them through my dirty glass windows and door. I remember discussing this last year and saying I'd have to clean the glass on the doors and windows. Guess what, it ain't happened yet but these photographs don't seem too murky. Shortly after taking this photograph I heard from my daughter. She got a clean skin check. The doctor said the funky looking mole on her back, which I told her to be sure to mention, was an unusual mole but that it didn't need a biopsy. I was extra happy that he said she should get another check in a year. I preferred that to the 1-2 years my doctor had told her when she saw him two years ago because I knew she would take that to mean two years.Tomorrow morning when I go out to pick blueberries, I'm going to have to remember to take my camera with me. This morning a mocking bird was in the back part of the bush growling at me so ferociously that for a minute I seriously thought it was a wild cat. I could see it plain as day once I looked and I thought about what a shame it was I didn't have my camera handy. Mockingbirds aren't very colorful but they ooze personality.

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