Sunday, July 15, 2007

Few Words Today

Brave to the End:

Melanoma, Life and other Crazy Stuff (Shannon aka Butterflymom)

Que Sarah, Sarah

Two Lucky (Rusty and Yen archive from melanoma category)

Charlie Wemkea Blue

Living with Melanoma (Heather)

Kim from Iowa

Randy Evans

Monika From Germany


Melanoma has claimed the lives of so many brave people. The ones on my memorial today are only a few who have shared their journey either with blogs, posts on the MPIP, and or through many other ways.


Anonymous said...

Dear, dear, Carver,

I came here----wanting to see your butterflies from yesterday for comfort.

Thank you. What a beautiful expression and memory to those we have known and remember.

It's perfect. It's enough. No words today.

Sending a hug.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful appropriate for today. Thanks, Carver.


King (Kathie) said...

Thanks, Carver.

It's such a sad day.

We're all in this together. Sure wish we could at least hope for some better treatment options soon. We are losing too many wonderful people to this wicked disease.

Stay Strong

Anonymous said...

No words today..none. Thank you for this beautiful tribute. sue