Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I guess I'll play the rating game

I've been to a number of blogs that have joked about
their blog rating. I got curious and went to the blog rating site to see what my blog rating was. The reason my blog received the above rating is because of the following: pain (6x), crap (2x), and hell (1x). For some reason it totally cracks me up that a soon to be 50 year old woman's blog which deals primarily with flowers, melanoma, and neighborhood walks would be PG. Heck fire, sometimes I write a post and think to myself, when did I turn into Mr. Rogers (bless his soul)? I probably never was the wild child I aspired to be for far too long but lets face it, if my blog isn't G rated what is? Even this post, with its trip down memory lane, is so typically old lady looking back that it alone should make sure I get a G rating.

The funny part is that when I was 13, if I'd kept a blog it would have been at least PG rated. There I am with my Godmother trying oh so hard to be cool but mostly being 13. Even so, I wouldn't have wanted a child to read my blog as a child.
When I was 16, my blog, had there been an internet, would have deserved its R rating with a pretentious or trying too hard thrown in. Yep, that's me below at 16.Even when I was in my twenties and married I might have pulled off an R rated blog or at least PG. There I am being pensive.One last look back. This picture was taken in my thirties when I was already a Mom and performing songs from the cutting edge of compost. Note how I had already started saying compost instead of shit, even back then.Moving to the present, or not so long ago when I started this blog. Below is a shot taken shortly after my groin lymph node dissection. Is that a G rated lady in front of her blueberry bushes or what?
So in conclusion, I don't care how many times I say pain, crap, or hell, I deserve a G rating. Pain, crap, hell, pain, crap, hell, pain, crap, hell . . .


Anonymous said...

Well C*#p, this is just too funny...
I wonder what the word-o-meter would have rated Anne Frank. I am glad I don't have the Word Police following me around on a daily basis. A big scarlett foul mouth would no doubt be emblazoned across my chest and young children would be so afraid.
I love the photos and memories of some of the seasons of your life.
Love, K.

I can only assume that your editorial writer tripped over the First Amendment and thought it was the office cat.
-E.B. White

Carver said...

Hey Kim,

The whole thing totally cracked me up. It's not like children are likely to want to go to my blog anyway. I'm not cool enough and my mouth is too clean but it is funny to me that I'd be PG rather than the G rating that surely I deserve. It also amazed me how little I cuss on this blog. I was surprised that the worse thing I said was crap although this post probably makes me really look bad since I said sh@#. Your comment made me laugh.

Cheers, Carver