Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Fourth of July Tomorrow

I wish I could say I made the fourth of July dessert above but alas my daughter was the chef and it's a photograph we took of the pie last year when she was home for the fourth. This year she's many states away where she has started law school during the summer session. I'll have to be sure and tell her that I learned from a blogging lawyer who is addicted to medblogs why people go to law school: they don't have math on the LSAT. So far so good with law school but with her ability to pick up new languages at the drop of a hat and write about what she eats, wherever she finds herself, I think she should consider going to culinary school and become a food writer. Since she is interested in human rights law maybe she could find some way to combine it all. I'll have to ponder that. I know I'll miss her Fourth of July treat. The year before she went to undergraduate school she made an amazing cake out of a cookbook she got when we were in France called Death by Chocolate. I couldn't believe that she could cook something like that from a cookbook that wasn't written in her native language. My fourth of July offering that I'm preparing tomorrow will be a red, white and blue fruit salad. I'm sure I can handle slicing the apples and strawberries and rinsing the blueberries I picked today. Speaking of mon petite chou above is a recent photo of her. Looks like Law School is agreeing with her so far.

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King (Kathie) said...


Judith looks great!!! So does the pie! Hope you have a happy holiday!

King (Kathie)